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CNHRPC Community Profiles Have Been Updated

The CNHRPC Community Profiles have been updated with newly released 2014-2018 American Community Survey data! View them here

NH OSI Spring Planning & Zoning Conference - Save the Date! 

Save the date! The Spring Planning & Zoning Conference will be Saturday, May 30, 2020 at Grappone Conference Center in Concord, NH. Additional conference details will be available in the coming weeks.

CommuteSmart NH Buses, Bikes & Brooms Commuter Challenge Summary

From October 20-November 2, businesses, employers, and workplaces from across the state adapted their current commuting practices for sustainable methods of getting to work. In total, 19 teams totaling 49 individuals participated. 563 trip segments were logged totaling 3,561 miles, and saved approximately 5,344 pounds of pollutants and $3,995. Learn more from CommuteSmart New Hampshire.

2020 Census

What is the 2020 Census and why is it important? Learn more: https://2020census.gov/en.html 

Carsey School of Public Policy Releases What is New Hampshire?

Useful to policymakers, nonprofits, business leaders, and New Hampshire residents, What is New Hampshire? is now in the hands of the Carsey School of Public Policy after previously being produced by the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies. While there are some different data sources and historical comparison periods employed in this version, the biggest change is that What is New Hampshire? has moved largely online. As a result:

  • Graphics are interactive—allowing users who wish for deeper dives to see data in different ways while not bogging down the presentation for users who do not.
  • There will be no single date when the entire publication is released. During 2019 and 2020 sections will be added as they are completed. Subsequently, they will be updated periodically. They will be structured so that as new data are available sections can be updated periodically.

The purpose of What is New Hampshire? is to set a factual baseline of understanding as the state makes decisions about its future. It is a set of facts and simple descriptive text describing where we are, where we have been, and what challenges we may face based on our analysis.

New Hampshire Flood Hazards Handbook for Municipal Officials

A valuable new flood hazards resource is now available for NH’s public officials relating to flood preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation. A team collaboration of federal and NH State agencies under the NH Silver Jackets program developed the New Hampshire Flood Hazards Handbook, A Guide for Municipal Officials. Completed with local and regional experienced-based feedback based on flooding events in New Hampshire communities over the last 15 years, the resource was finalized in October 2019 and is available online for download on the NH Silver Jackets website.

The Guide is organized into situation-specific sections: Before the Flood, During the Flood, and After the Flood (both Short Term and Long Term Recovery). Included is an editable Emergency Flood Response and Recovery Checklist for Emergency Management Directors to use during a flooding situation and a list containing essential State Agency Contact Information. An informative article describing the Flood Hazards Handbook in depth is located on the NH Municipal Association website. For further information about the Handbook, contact Samara Ebinger at the NH Office of Strategic Initiatives (NH OSI) by email at samara.ebinger@osi.nh.gov or by phone at 603.271.1755. Be sure to follow NH Homeland Security and Emergency Management on Twitter @NH_HSEM. Please download your copy of the NH Flood Hazards Handbook today!

2019 GACIT Hearings and Public Survey

The Governor's Advisory Commission on Intermodal Transportation (GACIT) will hold 20 public hearings across New Hampshire to review and receive input on the update of the State's Ten Year Transportation Improvement Plan (TYP). The purpose of these public hearings is to receive comments/testimony on transportation projects and priorities included in the draft 2021-2030 TYP as recommended by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation to GACIT.

Those that cannot attend a meeting in-person are invited to share their thoughts using  this special survey, by 11/12/2019:  https://NHDOTPlanningAhead2030.metroquest.com

FY 2021-2030 Transportation Improvement Program

CNHRPC's Regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to cover Fiscal Years 2021-2030 was adopted by CNHRPC's Full Commission on April 11, 2019.
The CNHRPC 2021-2030 TIP 

NHDOT Freight Plan

The 1st NHDOT Statewide Freight Plan was approved by FHWA on February 11, 2019. The purpose of the plan was to advance national and state policy goals and objectives. The freight system includes the various transportation systems including highway, rail, airport and marine (port and harbor terminals) in the state. More information and a link to the plan can be found on NHDOT's Website.

Suncook Valley Trails Plan

The Central NH Regional Planning Commission is developing a coordinated trails plan for the Suncook Valley area in Spring 2019 for the benefit of residents, decision makers, visitors and businesses. An evaluation of the trails opportunities within the former Suncook Valley Railroad corridor in Allenstown, Epsom, Pembroke, Chichester and Pittsfield and the existing trails connections to this corridor could enable the future development of collaborative trails projects while enhancing and preserving those local community features dearly desired by Towns. To develop this trails plan, we are seeking the assistance of Suncook Valley area municipal committees, area trails clubs and other groups to ascertain interest, issues, and opportunities. Click here to learn more! 

NH-MS4 Municipalities Blog

This NH Stormwater Regional Coalitions Blog, NH-MS4, is for the New Hampshire Seacoast Stormwater Coalition and the Nashua/Manchester Regional Stormwater Coalition communities, and it is hosted by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services’ Watershed Assistance Section. Please visit this site for meeting information, resources and updates related to New Hampshire MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer, Systems) municipalities.

Tiny Houses, and the Not-So-Tiny Questions They Raise

Zoning Practice, November 2015
American Planning Association
Issue Number 11, Practice Tiny Houses

The New Law on Accessory Dwelling Units

This handout developed by the NHMA is meant to provide a basic Do's and Don'ts for the new Accessory Dwelling Unit statue. The last page contains proposed language for a simple zoning amendment that would allow an ADU by right under a local zoning ordinance.
The New Law on Accessory Dwelling Units

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