10307416_10201863207204202_3330699493782736517_nAbout the Pedestrian Master Plan
The City of Concord’s Bicycling and Walking subcommittee, TPAC Bike-Ped, is developing a Pedestrian Master Plan for the City of Concord, with assistance from the Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission.

A Pedestrian Master Plan is intended to help the City guide planning decisions in order to make Concord a better place to get around on foot, whether it’s to get you where you want to go or if you simply want to get out for fun and exercise.  The plan will impact decisions such as planning for new sidewalks or pedestrian connections, adjusting policies or practices to improve on sidewalk maintenance and snow removal, to identify and fix trouble areas or dangerous intersections, to better understand where people choose to walk and why, and to better understand the needs of the City’s residents and visitors in regards to walking.

Document and Maps
Pedestrian Master Plan 
Maps and Appendices 

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For more information, please contact Craig Tufts at ctufts@cnhrpc.org.