C&I logoThe  Currier and Ives Scenic Byway is a state designated scenic  byway that passes through the towns of Salisbury, Webster, Hopkinton,  and Henniker  in central New Hampshire.  It was originally identified by  the state  Office of Travel and Tourism in 1976 as part of a marketing  program to  celebrate the Bicentennial with “Yankee Trails” for tourism  and  promotion purposes. The Currier and Ives Scenic Byway was rolled into the state’s Scenic and Cultural Byways Program in 1994 when the state established a network of   State Byways.Under  the  National Scenic Byways Discretionary Grants program, a Corridor Management Plan was developed in 2009-2010. In keeping with the Federal  Highways Administration’s definition, this plan is “a written document  that specifies the actions, procedures, controls, operational  practices,  and strategies to maintain the archaeological, cultural,  historic,  natural, recreational, and scenic qualities that support the  byway’s  designation.” The plan was developed with community  involvement, and  provides for the conservation and enhancement of the  byway’s intrinsic qualities as well as the promotion of tourism and  other economic  development. The plan outlines a management strategy to  balance these  concerns while providing for the users’ enjoyment of the  byway. The  Towns of Salisbury, Hopkinton, and Henniker have issued  Resolutions of Support for the Plan. A Scenic Byway Council formed in  2010 with formally appointed representatives from each participating  town. The Byway Council is tasked with implementing and updating the Corridor Management Plan.

Find meeting materials, bylaw information, and various maps on http://currierandivesbyway.org/.

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