Housing is an important issue, it helps determines the longevity and sustainability of our region and its economic development. In New Hampshire and throughout the country, available housing is scarce, putting a strain on working families and preventing businesses from recruiting and retaining workers.

Throughout 2022, CNHRPC will address housing issues head on as part of its Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA). This project will look in-depth at the housing needs of our Region across all income levels. The document will provide a foundation for change by including tools, recommendations, and strategies for local decision makers to address this problem in their communities. Each of the eight other regional planning commissions across the state will also be completing this project with common strategies and outlines for each plan.

Community engagement will be critical for this project, and we are hoping to hear from you. Tell us about how the housing crisis has impacted you personally, your business, or your community. What do you think would help and what do you hope to see in your community?

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The Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) is a state-mandated requirement for all nine regional planning commissions in New Hampshire per RSA 36:47.II. The purpose of the RHNA is to assess “the regional need for housing for persons and families of all levels of income” every five years.  As CNHRPC gathers housing related information for the assessment in our region, we will also be coordinating with the other NH regional planning commissions and the State Office of Planning and Development. Together we will leverage each other’s resources and advance a unified approach to determine housing needs across the State.

Our work will include gathering and analyzing datasets on housing and socio-economic demographics, from the US Census and other sources. In addition to collecting information from the general public and local and regional experts, such as planning boards, developers, social service agencies, property managers and more. Outreach strategies include surveys, on-one-one interviews, focus groups, and conversations on the topic of housing in our Region. The 2022 RHNA, will weave quantitative and qualitative data together to tell the story of housing in our region. The final report will contain tools, strategies, and recommendations for local decision-makers to address the housing crisis our region.   

Project Details:

Funding by American Rescue Plan State and Local Fiscal Recovery Grant

Started September 2021 — Ending December 2022

Partnering with NH Housing, Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission, Southwest Regional Planning Commission, Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission, Rockingham Planning Commissions, North Country Council, NH Office of Planning and Development, Nashua Regional Planning Commission, and Lakes Region Planning Commission.