We look at the complete transportation picture
At CNHRPC we look at individual streets from all perspectives. A Complete Street is a road that is designed to be safe for drivers; bicyclists; transit vehicles and users; and pedestrians of all ages and abilities. The streets of our cities and towns are a vital part of the livability of our communities.

The concept of complete streets is based on the assumption that roadways and transportation corridors be designed to accommodate all potential uses and transportation modes. It’s the idea of looking at a road from the outside in, to accommodate non-motorized transportation in conjunction with traditional motorized transportation modes. By considering all users, our streets are safer and communities more livable.

The complete streets concept focuses not just on individual roads but on changing the decision-making and design process so that all users are routinely considered during the planning, designing, building and operating of all roadways. It is about policy and institutional change.

Incorporating more complete streets throughout Central New Hampshire helps achieve many goals outlined in our Regional Transportation Plan, such as:

  1. Improving the multi-modal transportation system.
  2. Improving air quality by reducing polluting transportation options.
  3. Reducing traffic congestion and number of single-occupancy vehicles/trips.
  4. Creating safe routes for people to travel.
  5. Increasing quality of life with more healthy transportation choices.
  6. Increasing economic competitiveness by increased quality of life and enhanced visitor experience.

Complete Streets Projects
Meeting the variety of transportation needs of our diverse regional communities is reflected in these complete streets projects.

Fisherville Road (Rt. 3), Concord
On this road reconstruction project some of the main objectives were to increase pedestrian and bicycle safety and access by updating existing and building new sidewalks while addressing safety concerns at key intersections. At the intersection with Sewalls Falls Rd. there is a bike lane as well as sidewalks with a crosswalk at the light. Other improvements to make Fisherville Road complete included adding Bus Stop pull offs along the road to accommodate transit.

Broadway Street, Suncook Village
This project, completed in 2011, redefined the entire area by adding sidewalks with crosswalks, curbing and buffers as well as by meeting all American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance measures.  The project also features “back in, angle parking” which is generally safer for all users than “head in, angle parking” because vehicles pulling out can see oncoming traffic whether it be bicycles or vehicles.