Click Here for the Introduction to Developing a CIP Fact Sheet

A  Capital Improvements Program is, at its simplest, a spreadsheet of capital projects that cost at least a certain monetary threshold (such as $10,000) which are displayed in a schedule over six years and shows   the overall impact to the tax rate per $1,000 of net valuation. A capital project could be an addition to the Town Office, an ambulance, a Zoning Ordinance rewrite, a cemetery plan, or acquiring land for a new Library. Most CIPs include chapters of supporting information.

Developing or updating a Capital Improvements Program (CIP), which is a Planning Board document and responsibility,  requires several meetings (as led by CNHRPC) but can be accomplished in  as little as three months if a CIP Committee can meet weekly or every  other week. The ideal time to begin a CIP is in May, and the ideal end  time is before December. The Planning Board-adopted CIP is provided to  the Board of Selectmen and Budget Committee as required by RSA 674:8 in time to consider developing warrant articles for capital projects.

We have prepared a fact sheet that briefly explains the highlights of a  CIP. This fact sheet is perfect for distribution to both Town Boards and  interested residents. Click Here to Download the CIP Public Information Fact Sheet.