Open the Brownfield Nomination Form

This form is to nominate a potential or known brownfield site in the Central New Hampshire Region for the Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission’s Brownfields Assessment Program.

Threshold Criteria
In order for a site to be considered, the property owner must be willing to participate in the Brownfields Program.

Tier 1 Criteria
A site must satisfy a majority of these criteria to be considered further, and will be ranked among other candidate sites by direct comparison of these criteria.

  • Legal status regarding access to the property
  • Level of threat to public health and safety
  • Level of other environmental risk
  • Readiness of redevelopment plans (best circumstance: brownfields funds will trigger planned redevelopment)
  • Municipal ownership
  • Consistency of site redevelopment with municipal zoning and Master Plan:
    • Development potential
    • Transportation access to the site
    • Availability of off-site public/private utilities and public services
    • Clean-up cost and nature of contamination relative to post-development value
    • Soundness of on-site conditions: utilities, buildings, other structures, drainage
    • Feasibility/probability of remediation
    • Suitability of site as public greenspace

Tier 2 Criteria
Candidate sites may be ranked among other candidate sites by comparison of these criteria.

  • Job creation by redevelopment
  • Participation by other funders toward clean-up and redevelopment
  • Magnitude of value added to property value by the use of brownfields funds
  • On-site and neighborhood historic preservation benefits of redevelopment
  • Environmental justice benefits of redevelopment
  • Housing benefits of redevelopment
  • Conservation/preservation benefit of redevelopment of the site.

Upon approval, the site owner must sign the Owner Participation Form and Release of Claims form (needs to be notarized). If the site is abandoned, CNHRPC staff will work with the Town to contact the former site owner. To obtain the necessary forms, please contact CNHRPC staff.