The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) supports direction and a set of actions for transportation projects and programs in the Central New Hampshire Region over the next 25 years. The purpose of this update to the 2007 plan is to examine current data and trends that can impact transportation and to affirm or revise the current recommendations for transportation investments in the region.

As part of the RTP, eight regionally significant corridors throughout the region have been identified to examine closely for key demographic trends, recent and historic land use patterns, and specific transportation projects. Titled Corridor Spotlights, the draft versions of these can be seen below. Also available for viewing is a historical timeline of transportation development within the region.

CNHRPC Regional Transportation Plan Draft Documents:

Historical Timeline

Summary Table of CNHRPC Projects from the 2021-2030 NHDOT Ten Year Plan

Summary Table of Long Range Projects Identified in the Corridor Spotlights

Corridor Spotlights