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Changes to RSAs Governing Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment Timelines

The NH Legislature has enacted several changes to Planning and Zoning RSAs that will impact how boards conduct business and timelines governing processes. Among these are the duration of time Planning Board’s have to act to deem an application complete and the consequences of missing such deadlines. Please see the summaries provided in the links below:

A description of the changes: https://www.nh.gov/osi/resource-library/legislation/documents/opd-nhma-hb-1661-1021-advisory.pdf 

A table comparing the revised language to the previous language: https://www.nh.gov/osi/resource-library/legislation/documents/hb-1661-summarytable.pdf 

CommuteSmart NH 2022 Buses, Bikes and Brooms challenge Oct. 1-31

CommuteSmart NH’s fall Buses, Bikes and Brooms challenge is back during the month of October. Through the whole month log any sustainable trip you take using a mode other than driving in a vehicle alone. Competing individuals will be able to track their progress on the online leaderboard, earn rewards, and be entered to win weekly gift card raffles!  Even though teams will not be used for this challenge, you should still encourage your coworkers and friends to participate and track how you match up against each other.

The challenge will be run using CommuteSmart NH’s online trip logging system powered by AgileMile. So make sure you head over to CommuteSmart NH’s Site or download the CommuteSmart NH app on the App Store or Google Play. Then all you have to do is sign into your account, and join the challenge on the “racing” page under the “account” tab, then start logging your trips. Make sure to check out all of CommuteSmart NH’s offerings, including the trip planner that will help you get ready for a month of sustainable commuting. We look forward to another exciting month of sustainable commuting!

CNHRPC Regional Housing Needs Assessment

CNHRPC is performing a Regional Housing Needs Assessment throughout 2022. The project will look in-depth at the housing needs of our Region in order to develop strategies for local decision makers to enact change. CNHRPC will be working in collaboration with NH Housing, NH Office of Planning and Development, and the eight other regional planning commissions across the state. To learn more about the project and share your thoughts on housing please visit the project page. Central NH Regional Housing Needs Assessment.

In concert with the state and other NH regions, we’re researching data and community ideas, and a key component of this is obtaining local feedback through relevant housing surveys. Results from online surveys will provide us with key anonymous research data to help us report back how housing issues are impacting the Central NH Region communities and what types of strategies are needed. We invite you to fill out one or more of our Regional Housing Surveys to tell us about your housing experiences and needs:

We hope you’ll share your housing successes and challenges with us to help CNHRPC create a framework for positive change.

NHDES Drinking Source Water Protection Conference

For anyone who is interested in learning more about drinking water and source water protection, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services will be hosting their annual Drinking Source Water Protection Conference. The conference will feature discussion and presentations on state legislative and drinking water program funding, distribution of PFA$ in wastewater treatment facilities, results from a statewide spill-risk assessment, examples of conserving critical water supply lands, a local municipal case study to reduce road salt and improve groundwater quality, and NHDES and Partners’ private well outreach. The event will be happening in-person on May 24, 2022 at the Edward Cross Training Complex in Pembroke, NH, as well as virtually on May 25, 2022. For more information and to register please use this link to the conference page: NHDES Drinking Water Source Protection Conference.

Byway Leader Training

The National Scenic Byway Foundation is hosting a two-day training event at Woodstock Inn Brewery. Local byway council volunteers, byway coordinators, tourism professionals, chamber of commerce staff, or anyone involved with byways are encouraged to attend if interested. Participants will will learn about Corridor Management Plan update strategies, byway best practices, byway jargon, and more.  The training is happening on May 18 & 19, 2022. For more information check out the event flyer here: Flyer and to register visit the National Scenic Byway Foundation page here: Registration.

U.S. Census Bureau Releases 2020 Census Demographic Data Map Viewer

The U.S. Census Bureau has released an interactive data map viewer for a variety of 2020 demographic characteristics. Be sure to zoom in to see county- and tract-level data!
2020 Census Demographic Data Map Viewer

CNHRPC Regional Transportation Plan Corridor Spotlights

As part of the RTP, eight regionally significant corridors throughout the region have been identified to examine closely for key demographic trends, recent and historic land use patterns, and specific transportation projects. Titled Corridor Spotlights, the draft versions of these can be seen below. Also available for viewing is a historical timeline of transportation development within the region. CNHRPC Regional Transportation Plan Draft Documents:

CNHRPC Community Profiles Have Been Updated

The CNHRPC Community Profiles have been updated with newly released 2014-2018 American Community Survey data! View them here

FY 2023-2032 Transportation Improvement Program

The FY 2023-2032 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) consists of a list of transportation projects for the Central New Hampshire  Regional Planning Commission (CNHRPC) region that are consistent with the goals and vision established in the comprehensive Regional Transportation Plan, adopted in April, 2015.

CNHRPC’s Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) proposed and ranked regionally significant projects for CNHRPC’s TIP in the Spring of 2021. On March 31, 2021 CNHRPC’s Full Commission adopted the TIP and regional priorities.

Adopted CNHRPC TIP 2023-2032

CNHRPC Member Communities

Click on the towns below to access that towns official web site.