TAC Membership

Dean Hollins, Town of Boscawen
Harry Wright, Town of Bradford
Richard Moore, Town of Chichester
Karen Hill, City of Concord
Dick Lemieux, City of Concord
Sam Durfee, City of Concord
Donna White, Town of Dunbarton
Betsy Bosiak, Town of Epsom (TAC Chair)
Joseph Devine, Town of Henniker
Laura Buono, Town of Hillsborough
Robyn Payson, Town of Hillsborough
Dave White, Town of Hopkinton
Neal Cass, Town of Hopkinton
Bob Cole, Town of Loudon (TAC Vice Chair)
Carolyn Cronin, Town of Pembroke
James Allard, Town of Pittsfield
Gerard Leduc, Town of Pittsfield
Emilio Cancio-Bello, Town of Sutton
Tim Blagden, Town of Warner
Aedan Sherman, Town of Warner
Bianca Acebron-Peco, Town of Webster
Leslie Palmer, Town of Webster