Natural Resource Inventories are exactly what the name implies: they are an inventory of natural resources in your community. A first step in protecting and sustaining natural resources is knowing what resources are present, and where.  The information can be used by Conservation Commissions, Planning Boards, and other entities to develop open space plans, prioritize conservation efforts, and evaluate regulatory options.

An NRI will include extensive mapping of natural resources including wildlife habitat, agriculture, drinking water, surface waters, and oftentimes scenic or cultural resources.  These natural resource “layers” can be weighted and overlaid to determine which areas of town have the highest natural resource value.  CNHRPC conducts this exercise, a weighted co-occurrence analysis, for each of the NRIs produced.  We work closely with the project team and conduct public outreach to ensure the results of the analysis reflects the values of the community.

Below are examples of recent Natural Resource Inventories and their associated maps and StoryMaps conducted by CNHRPC.   


Boscawen NRI 2020

Boscawen NRI Co-Occurrence Analysis Summary

Boscawen NRI Maps

Boscawen StoryMap


Loudon NRI 2022

Loudon NRI Co-occurrence Analysis Summary

Loudon NRI Maps


Deering NRI

Deering NRI Maps and Appendix

Deering NRI Storymap