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Basic Population and Housing Data for the CNHRPC Region, released with the 2010 US Census Redistricting Data:

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Census Data

In 2010, the US Census Bureau began releasing a suite of statistical datasets on the demographic, economic, and social make-up of our country. Results of the 2010 Census, to be released in stages between 2010 and 2014, will provide the most complete data at all statistical levels. However, prior to the full 2010 Census data, the Census Bureau is releasing several other datasets that differ from the decennial census. A brief guide to the various datasets is below, provided by the NH Office of Energy and Planning (NH OEP):


  • September 2010: the 2009 American Community Survey (ACS) 1-year estimates for areas with a population of 65,000 or more were released.  These are NOT 2010 Census results; they are based on survey data collected in calendar year 2009.  Like the ACS data released in previous years, these data describe the social, economic and housing characteristics of the population.

  • December 2010: the 2005-2009 ACS 5-year estimates were released. These data report the same type of characteristics as September’s release, but for smaller areas and for a 5-year time period. These are NOT 2010 Census results, but are based on survey data collected between January 2005 and December 2009. For the first time since the 2000 Census, estimates are available for the smallest geographic areas including census tracts (units of about 4,000 people) and even smaller, block groups. With this first-ever release of these 5-year estimates and the annual updates, you no longer have to wait for a decennial census for the next look at detailed characteristics data for small areas. For New Hampshire, this is the first opportunity to see much of the data for our cities and towns.

  • December 2010: the state population counts were released– these ARE the 2010 Census results – the very first results to be seen.

  • December 2010: the 2010 demographic analysis estimates of national population by age, sex, and race became available. These are NOT 2010 Census results, but are estimates based on historical data of births and deaths and estimates of immigration and emigration. As such, these estimates are independent of the 2010 Census data collection efforts, so they give us a separate gauge of how our population has changed since the last portrait was taken in the previous census.

This is the first census when there are so many different data releases made public so close to the first release of Census data. It is easy to be overwhelmed by all these releases. The Census is a full count of the country taken every 10 years, at a snapshot in time. Its strength is that it can provide accurate data for very small areas and population groups. In contrast, the ACS is a continuous sample survey. ACS does not count everyone but relies on a sample of the population each year. Its strength is that it collects data on a wider variety of subjects and that it produces estimates each and every year. Finally, the demographic analysis does not rely on collecting information via a questionnaire or interview. Instead, it uses information from other sources—mostly vital statistics records. As such, its strength is providing an alternative method for estimating the total population of the country.

Together, all of these data help us to build better demographic profiles and serve as checks on these various releases.

Total Population Total Housing Units
2000 2010 % Change 2000 2010 % Change
Allenstown 4,843 4,322 -10.8% 1,962 1,881 -4.1%
Boscawen 3,672 3,965 8.0% 1,295 1,453 12.2%
Bow 7,138 7,519 5.3% 2,330 2,807 20.5%
Bradford 1,454 1,650 13.5% 762 917 20.3%
Canterbury 1,979 2,352 18.8% 838 1,002 19.6%
Chichester 2,236 2,523 12.8% 849 963 13.4%
Concord 40,687 42,695 4.9% 16,881 18,852 11.7%
Deering 1,875 1,912 2.0% 933 932 -0.1%
Dunbarton 2,226 2,758 23.9% 858 1,077 25.5%
Epsom 4,021 4,566 13.6% 1,592 1,839 15.5%
Henniker 4,433 4,836 9.1% 1,679 1,928 14.8%
Hillsborough 4,928 6,011 22.0% 2,326 2,896 24.5%
Hopkinton 5,399 5,589 3.5% 2,210 2,381 7.7%
Loudon 4,481 5,317 18.7% 1,684 2,081 23.6%
Pembroke 6,897 7,115 3.2% 2,734 2,872 5.0%
Pittsfield 3,931 4,106 4.5% 1,569 1,769 12.7%
Salisbury 1,137 1,382 21.5% 514 598 16.3%
Sutton 1,544 1,837 19.0% 826 985 19.2%
Warner 2,760 2,833 2.6% 1,228 1,358 10.6%
Webster 1,579 1,872 18.6% 672 849 26.3%
CNHRPC Region 107,220 115,160 7.4% 43,742 49,440 13.0%
Merrimack County 136,225 146,445 7.5% 56,244 63,541 13.0%
Hillsborough County 380,841 400,721 5.2% 149,961 166,053 10.7%
New Hampshire 1,235,786 1,316,470 6.5% 547,024 614,754 12.4%
Last Updated on Monday, 12 December 2011 19:03

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